A busy fall

downtown Omaha

I am in Omaha and taking a few moments to reflect on the last month and a half…so much is going on!

First of all–September was the beginning of the school year. And I now understand why they call Montana ‘Big Sky Country.’ I spent the first two weeks of the month in Shelby and Great Falls. Working with Marias River Electric and Sun River Electric was fantastic. I am so fortunate to work with such warm people. The end of month was Norsk Hostfest time and I still didn’t try the lutefisk. My job at the largest Scandinavian festival in North America was to greet people at the Touchstone Energy booth and tell them more about what the Touchstone Energy brand is all about…integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community!

Now it’s October and I’ve already been in Sioux Falls to work with Sioux Valley Energy. This week I’m in Iowa working with Harrison County REC. There’s just no stopping now…I really like to drink coffee.

My favorite experiences so far this fall include working with the Hutterites in Montana and South Dakota. And visiting my first Cherry Berry store in Sioux Falls. There are like ten different frozen yogurt choices with any topping you want!!! Yum!


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