Is that a hot air balloon?

The Dry Fork Station in Gillette, Wyoming is one of the newest, cleanest coal-based power plant in the country right now…and Basin Electric is proud of it.

The dedication ceremony for the power plant was attended by over a thousand people. Not only did people get to see the new plant, they also had a chance to see the Touchstone Energy hot air balloon. It was beautiful! No, I didn’t get a balloon ride this time. But it was nice to see that colorful logo in the sky that day.

Before the dedication took place–a few flights took place. Here are some pictures of volunteers getting the balloon ready for take off…and THANK YOU to those Dry Fork Station employees who volunteered their time to help get the balloon off the ground!

It needs more hot air!!

Hold on, Rhonda!

Beautiful!! Ready for lift off!!


2 responses to “Is that a hot air balloon?

  1. Working with you Tracy was just wonderful! Had a Great time! Great pictures of the Balloon and blog about Dry Fork! It is a beautiful facility – I am glad so many came to learn and take a look! Keep up the good work!!!

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