Colorful Colorado

Beautiful…colorful…breathtaking…just some of the many adjectives used by most to describe Colorado. I really enjoy my job when it takes me to Colorado for a summer camp presentation. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

I traveled to Clark, Colorado for the Colorado Electric Education Institute’s Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp. High school students from around Wyoming, Kansas, and Colorado spend a week in the beautiful Rocky Mountains to learn more about electricity, cooperatives, doing business, working in government, etc. Campers get informed  and have  fun adventures at the same time. To top it all off, they are treated with a presentation of The Story Behind the Switch! Move over Einstein…

If you ever get the opportunity, take a drive through Rocky Mountain National Park! This next video will give you a glimpse of how beautiful it is. (You will see towards the end that I was trying to get some video of a bull moose. You may have to strain your eyes.)

After driving through the park, I decided to make a quick stop in Estes Park, Colorado. I was in need of good food and a good ghost tour. I got both at the Stanley Hotel. In this next video, check out the door to room 217–where Stephen King stayed and got the idea to write “The Shining.” You will also hear about how actor Jim Carrey did NOT want to stay in that room while he was at the hotel filming “Dumb and Dumber.”

It was a great trip!!


3 responses to “Colorful Colorado

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  2. I was just there! What fun! We did the “old time” pic with petticoats, booze and guns! Rocky Mtn. Park was spectacular! Wonder if we passed you…we drove through it Monday July 25. Great job Tracy! I’ll have to check out the haunted motel next time!

  3. Thanks for giving a great presentation to the campers again this year, Tracy. We really appreciate it.
    -Jonathan Thornton, Tri-State G&T

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