Bear Paw country

I love getting the opportunity to speak in one-room schools!!

That happened when I visited the Hill County Electric service territory around Havre, Montana in May. (And when you are there, don’t forget to check out Fort Benton. It’s an hour down Highway 87 and there you can see the beautiful Grand Union Hotel.)

I had the privilege to work with some amazing people and they helped make my trip to the Bear Paw Mountains even better. Hill County Electric’s Ted Kosowski, Angie Allestad, Kevann Elletson and many others helped bring The Story Behind the Switch to elementary and middle school students at Bear Paw School, Cottonwood North School, and Cottonwood West School.

Here is Ted showing students what a lineman would do in an effort to repair a powerline. The picture below shows how shockingly excited students are at Cottonwood West School about the Van de Graaf generator.

Ted Kosowski demonstrates lineman responsibilities

Students at Cottonwood West school are shockingly excited!


2 responses to “Bear Paw country

  1. Great expression on those kids’ faces in the last photo! Ha!

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